Facebook Groups- I LOVE THEM!

Some people just can't stand Facebook. To those people, I say you are missing out! Sure, news feeds get filled with pictures of cats, food, politicians, or random silliness that might not matter to you. I suggest checking out Facebook Groups.

Facebook Groups are an incredible place to call home in Facebook land. I love it so much I have created a network of large Facebook groups- all designed to be a home for worship musicians and sound designers.

Are you a crazy synth player in a small town and have no one except grandma encouraging you (when you know she really just turned off her hearing aids)? Why not check out one of my Facebook groups and meet up with like-minded crazy synth players from around the world (and even some famous ones).

Here is the current list of all the Facebook groups I have started - come and join us and see why we call them OWSome!!!

Join them by visiting the worshipmusicians.org Facebook list:


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