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©2019 by Rocky Mountain Sounds

Rocky Mountain Polar Plucks for Omnisphere 2


Polar Plucks explores the amazing Omnisphere synth engine- no samples were harmed in the creation of this patch collection!  A beautiful and playable synth pluck was created with various transformations throughout the collection.  The following synthesis waveform categories were captured for this useful toolbox collection of plucks

Classic Waveforms 




    Sub Osc

    Triangle + Sine





Each category is filled with different awesome waveforms modelled after famous and groundbreaking synths.  168 patches (each one a unique waveform) and 25 bonus multis are included.  PLEASE NOTE THESE DO HAVE SIMILAR SOUNDING PLUCKS WHEN THE SAME RAW WAVEFORM IS USED- EXAMPLE- PROPHET SAW VS OBERHEIM SAW.