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"Northern Impakt is a collection that provides all the tools and sounds necessary for any modern-day composer of film, electronic and ambient music. If one can’t draw inspiration from this, one does not have a pulse." -SLR Review


Inspired by field recording and creative processing - this collection explores new sonic territory and provides you with new sounds to fuel your next score or trailer.  Includes full support for PlugInGuru Unify.  Instant integration will get your exploring the near limitless sounds for Northern Impakt.

Distant Storm - Jason Schoepfer
  • 228 Creative Patches

  • 274 Core Patches

  • 58 Looping Textures

  • 15 Bonus Raw SFX

  • 41 Multis

  • 349 Soundsources

  • Requires Omnisphere 2.1+

  • 946MB unzipped

Northern Impakt V1 for Omnisphere 2 is a cutting-edge new collection - perfect for Ambient / Film / Underscore and sound design.  Featuring new organic recordings, creatively processed into out-worldly sounds - Northern Impakt V1 is my first step into the cinematic genre (yet works so well for ambient, chill, industrial and worship - yes - even worship!).


For the past few years, I have been recording found sounds in my home, in the Rocky Mountains, and even to the west coast of Canada.  These sounds truly are "Northern".  


Special processing was done to each recording to bring out new textures, hits, drones, and SFX - plus John Lehmkuhl (PlugInGuru) provided a collection of dog and ice sounds that are included.  


To save Planet Earth - we needed to enlist the help of 14 sound designers from around the globe.  Each one brought something new and interesting to the sounds.  


This collection is not just for special fx - we also included:

Ambient Texture Pads, Basses (including driving and atmospheric BPM basses), keyboards and strings, and of course- CREATURE sounds.  


Looping textures are plentiful and ideal for your next soundtrack or stage production.  Alien landscapes, unusual machinery, dark and distant drones, streams of water, crunches, battle drums, driving percussive elements, drops and risers, texture sweeps (all BPM), and amazing creative multis that showcase the power when you combine elements.


I also included some Easter Eggs throughout the collection.  Check out patch and multi descriptions and find the story.  A special nod to a cool fantasy collection by my friend- Troy Reeves - featuring some characters from his series - The Call of Prophecy (available here).  



"Overall, all I have to say is that at 49 USD, this library is a bargain. A bargain in price that contains a wealth of inspiration within. If you are an Omnisphere user, you will definitely want to check out this library which is, perhaps, John and Jason’s most well-rounded release to date."

"Pros - A broad array of patches in many different styles expertly crafted.
Makes heavy use of Omnisphere’s modulation capabilities especially the Modwheel
You won’t find better BPM patches anywhere else.
Detailed walkthrough video of the entire library
The Hits are unique and different


Cons - Hahah…Really? Ok…we could have used some bells here!!"