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At 8 years old, Bob’s future in music began.  His father came home with an accordion- which Bob immediately started playing.  “I started hitting those black keys like there was no tomorrow – cause they produced a nice melody.”  Since then, Bob was always involved in music from studying piano and theory to learning guitar.


In recent years, Bob was inspired by a visiting friend who told him “It’s time to make music professionally!”  To this day, he wonders why he waited so long to start.


Bob lives in Greece in a village called Kopanaki.  He and his family own a bakery that they run 7 days a week.  When not making amazing bread and desserts, he is spending his time teaching students and doing music production.


Outside of baking and music, Bob enjoys studying cultures and science, playing chess, watching movies, playing video games, basketball, comic books and travelling when he can.



What was the first song you remember hearing?

Beat It by Michael Jackson


What was your first CD?

Backstreet Boys - Backstreet's Back


Who is your favourite artist currently?

Jessie J


Favourite Music Genres?

K-Pop, J-Pop, Anime Music


Where does the name ManfighterMusic come from?

I felt that it was a nice name for someone who is a man and has to ''fight'' / strive for his music.  Plus it sounds EPIC!


What companies have you written demo songs for?

8dio, PlugInGuru, ThatWorshipSound


Favourite Movie Soundtrack and composer

That's an easy one. Alan Menken - Disney's Aladdin

Also Jerry Goldsmith is one of my top picks.


Coffee or Tea?

I usually drink coffee but I really don't mind either one.


If you only could pick one software synth- which one?

Hmmmmm, Omnisphere of course for that crazy library it comes with. Not to mention that I know someone here at Rocky Mountain Sounds that designs killer patches for it!


Where do you see yourself in the future- 10 years from now?

Hopefully, I will have moved on like John Oldman :-)


You are teaching music - did you take formal music training?

I have formal training on piano and advanced theory.


What is your current favourite video game?

ABZÛ - It has fantastic colours and beautiful live orchestral music.  It is the video game that took me on a journey and I had such a good time with it.  I was so inspired that I wrote a demo for it! 




What inspires you when you are asked to make a demo song from a bunch of new patches?

I'm inspired by the concept of the creator -  the ideas and the thoughts they give.  This is the first sparkle to my idea. So I try to get into their mindset for a while and then I lead on :-)


Where can others go and learn about making demo songs- any great resources you could share?

This is the first time I have been asked this question!  I didn't go to a certain place to learn that. The way I see it though is the following:  A good cook can make something for you to eat, with whatever ingredients you are left with in your house.  A bad cook will probably complain about it and you'll have to order out :-)