Majestica is focused on hybrid live performance and studio-ready pads – perfect for cinematic underscore or Sunday worship.


This collection is my most popular release through That Worship Sound and is used around the world.  Experience some of the most beautiful and evocotive pads for Omnisphere 2.

Signs of Life - Jason Schoepfer
  • 50 Patches

  • Requires Omnisphere 2.1+


50 meticulously crafted patches provide the player with a vast variety of sonic options – from lush and expansive to smooth and tranquil.  


The majority of patches utilize custom-sampled waveforms created from such synths as the mighty Prophet 12, Radias and Juno that have graced MainStage users previously.  In addition, a custom-crafted DeepMind 12 source is introduced to the analog flavour that is found throughout the collection.



Special attention was taken to utilize the modwheel for each and every patch – providing more than just a simple filter sweep.  Many sounds start smooth and silky – but transform into dense and sweeping soundscapes – making each patch more versatile.  

Depth of design is shown as most patches utilize a full page of modulation targets – deeply programmed to bring life to each sound.  Open up the modulation matrix and see what power lies in the wonderful Omnisphere 2 engine.


"They are very well crafted, inspiring... I got a lot of nice ideas from them.  I like also the fact that it is only pads 'cause it helps me remember where to look for ..... pads.  Good job!


"Hi Jason! I have listened to the pad library now, very nice pads! I like the way you use the modwheel to add or change the timbre in almost every patch. That is good programming skills!"

"Jason, I just got a chance to spend a half-hour with Majestica Volume One. Wow, those pads are amazing.  The modulation and depth is really really good.


Inspiring, spiritual and uplifting are just mere adjectives but they are appropriate words that describe the pair of Omnisphere libraries, Etherium and Majestica, released by Jason Ray Schoepfer. These are not just mere sounds one can use for underscoring a composition, they are sounds that can be used to build a personal relationship with your music, nature, the otherworldly."