Afterglow for Omnisphere 2 with Keyscape brings you curated set of Keyscape pianos that have been tastefully and efficiently combined with unique sampled “Afterglows”.  These are pad-like elements that do not sustain but have a natural and beautiful decay – allowing for a piano player to focus on playing piano and not muddying up the sound with conflicting sustaining pads.   Each treatment has been meticulously designed to not impact the cpu- allowing for more voices to be played for a better overall playing experience.

Includes native support for Worship Essentials 2 by That Worship Sound.

Now includes a separate 50+ patch collection for Omnisphere 2-only users including unique sounds.  You don't need Keyscape to get Afterglow now - and when you do get it- you have a lot more sounds to play!

Afterglow consists of a variety of content including

  • Curated Keyscape pianos with Afterglow layer treatment – adding cpu efficient pad-like qualities with minimal programming and effects.  Modwheel is used sparingly on certain patches.

  • Sustaining granular pads created from select Keyscape pianos.  These were inspired by a famous Icelandic composer and provide a beautiful, organic and unsettling pad offering that pairs amazingly with the Keyscape pianos. 

  • Ambient designed underscore pads.  A special selection of ambient pads, including new and innovative hybrid pads with nature elements add a new and groundbreaking experience when played with Keyscape pianos.  These can be used on their own part of the special bonus multi collection

  • Bonus Live Multis.  Afterglow includes a special bonus collection for live performance.  Both sustaining granular and ambient pads are split on the lowest octave of the keyboard in latch mode.  Simpy play the root note you want to sustain and play a paired Afterglow piano on the remaining keyrange.  A great solution for those that want to use Omnisphere with Keyscape live in Stanadlone mode!!!.  The pianos can be instantly changed out with any other Afterglow patch while maintaining the sustained pad – including stock or other patches in your collection.


Please note Afterglow requires both Omnisphere 2.5+ AND Keyscape and must run inside of Omnisphere.  Standalone Keyscape is not supported due to Omnisphere engine and effects being used. UPDATE - Omnisphere 2 version also included now!


Afterglow for Omnisphere 2 with Keyscape is a beautiful addition to your collection and will provide the live player with smart and beautiful pads without the cpu impact – and will give the cinematic composer new underscore tools to add to their next trailer!



  • Requires Omnisphere 2.5+ WITH Keyscape (does not work with Omnisphere alone nor does Afterglow work with Keyscape alone).

  • Includes single .omnipshere file for simple installation

  • Premapped to That Worship Sound's "Worship Essentials 2 for MainStage"


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